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Programme & Project Management has become a speciality area for Inneo Recruitment. We have been involved in some of the largest programmes and projects in the world in partnership with our sister company Innovation Business Vision (IBV). We are currently involved in providing permanent and contract PM staffing in all of our sector areas which include, IT, Judicial/Legal, Media/Marketing, Engineering/Construction and Banking/Insurance.

We are heavily involved in regulatory programmes and projects across judicial/legal and insurance and banking sectors. In addition, we support and deliver complex IT projects, heavy engineering such as large outages and de-commissioning projects and relocation projects.

We have capabilities to lead and run projects and have a long history in project definition, architecture, auditing and recovery. Our recruitment services cover every part of a programme and project lifecycle which include; project managers, programme managers, business analysts, project planners, project admin, PMO managers & analyst, project architects, system architects, test analysts and test managers.

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