Our Process


First contact with client and supplier can sometimes be fraught with cynicism on the client’s part and desperation on the supplier’s part. We try and make it simple here at Inneo Recruitment, no ‘cat and mouse’ tactics, completely transparent from the beginning. All permanent placements are capped at 15% across all salary brackets and contract staff at 20% margin. On initial contact with a new client we plan a visit to their offices and set out our vision to support and manage their staffing and resource needs. If possible, we will allocate an account manager in our organisation that has specialised knowledge and experience within the clients industry to create a stronger bond and understanding. Ultimately, we want both organisations to succeed, to do this we know we have to invest time and money with our clients.


Once a client has agreed to engage Inneo Recruitment on a resource project we focus on the business requirements. We share our ideas and give advice on salary or contract rate, candidate profiling and support, if needed, in putting together a job specification. We listen to our clients and are not shy in asking questions, we feel this is essential in attaining all the facts on a job role or project before starting the search for candidates or project teams. When our account manager feels they have fully understood the requirement it is then onto the next phase of the project. This usually means that the account manager and an appointed resourcer will work closely together to find suitable resources to present to the client.


Each person within our organisation has a part to play and has their own set of skillset that aids the successful allocation of potential candidates. A resourcer will work closely with the client account manager to find the right set of skills needed for the client’s requirements. Identifying the right candidate may come from using job boards, social networking, business social networking, CRM database searches, general networking and head hunting. Once a potential candidate has been found, the lifecycle tends to be; telephone or SKYPE interview, face to face interview, psychometric testing (if requested by the client), DBS check (if requested by the client), referencing and any theory tests agreed with the client. Once we are satisfied that a candidate has passed the initial screening we then discuss the client with them and go to the next stage of submission of the CV.


Having a client sift through countless CV’s in the hope that they find the one they are looking for is not part of the plan at Inneo Recruitment. We usually like to send over a maximum or 3 CV’s in a batch for client perusal. All CV’s are formatted in a similar way showing; notice period, location, salary/rate expectation and a brief overview of their skills, past experience and why we feel they are a good fit for the role. We are then on hand to discuss each candidate in full with the client and arrange interviews. As well as giving support to the client we keep the candidate up to date at every point of the recruitment process and completely prepare a candidate for any interview arranged.

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